Awesome Saucer is a beautiful 3D space shooter for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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"...a crazy-fun insane trip of a game. ★★★★½ WELL & TRULY AWESOME"

"...stunning graphics...a visual caught our attention."

"...seriously a piece of art...the visuals are fan-freaking-tastic." --Legowiz (Touch Arcade forums)

"...hits the imagination at a level of execution that is amazing."

"Gorgeous! Sublime visuals and controls." --Jason Willbourn (on the UK App Store)

  • Aerobatic, immersive space flight with incredibly smooth battle maneuverability.
  • Intuitive controls with selectable Traditional or Inverted ("flight stick") directional control.
  • Unlimited levels with progressive game play.
  • Selectable weapons earned through play, each with a different targeting sensitivity and range.
  • Original music and volumetric sound design. (Headphones recommended!).
  • Universal Binary - buy it once and play it on any of your compatible devices.

This is a rapid-fire chattergun, utilizing small spheres of hyper-excited protons. It fires a light round, but is relentless and fun to shoot.
This is a long-range weapon with a very narrow beam, utilizing phased tritium ions that vaporize the molecular bonds of the target.
The negatively-charged chromium in this hyperdimensional warhead makes up for its low refire rate with a concussive shockwave of massive power.
Gas is primed using superfrequencies and released through a magnetic bottle, giving this powerful salvo its distinctive ring shape. Very effective when strafing targets from longer ranges.
These nanoswarm objects will fall toward any targeted object along the curvature of spacetime, tenaciously seeking until they have eliminated any object of invariant mass. Just fire and forget!
Release the Argon! This is a serious energy weapon for serious sizzle, featuring a rabid 360-degree targeting system. Just move into range and you'll be smelling bacon for parsecs.
"Where are they?" Never ask that question again. This long-range location system reveals the position and remaining strength of all enemies in the sector.
This is a multi-dimensional powerhouse that unleashes a shockwave of destructive Bose-Einstein distillate. Virtually unstoppable at long range.
Weaving a matrix of nanofrequency distortion, these cluster weapons are a very powerful choice indeed, good for high speeds and almost any situation. They will lock on to other targets if their primary target is destroyed.
Reports from the prototype test platform are of absolute power on a new scale, with similar behavior to the Argon Laser, but double the range and several times the power.
So new, Fleet doesn't even have reliable data. Like blue fireflies of destruction, this swarming super-weapon is as deadly as it is beautiful. Very effective on the most aggressive Enemies.
You down with entropy? Enemies won't be. Utilizing strong quarks in quantum chromodynamics, this ultimate weapon will exist in the fifth dimension until destruction is the status quo.

Fleet code names for the enemies are as follows. Their true nature is unknown, but Fleet scouts report the following behaviors. Be wary of the more aggressive enemies, as they can damage or destroy your saucer!

sparkrunner2_sme1_sparkrunnerThese are the ubiquitous red-white hex stars. They seem fairly tranquil.
ember1_sme2_embertailThese are a little bit tougher than the SparkRunners, but they seem to be fairly docile. They exhibit colors of purple, red and orange.
hammerhead4_sme3_hammerheadThese exhibit tri-tails, and seem to be aggressive based on their color. They range in aggressiveness and toughness from orange through pink and blue through green.
giant_hammerhead_sme4_gianthammerheadThese are a deep purple, almost ultraviolet color and are quite fast and aggressive.
blue_manta1_sme5_mantaThese exhibit tri-tails, and seem to be aggressive based on their color. They range in aggressiveness and toughness from orange through pink and blue through green.
torchrunner1_sme6_torchrunnerThese are very fast, hot white enemies, who leave geometric trails. Reports indicate you need to engage them with extreme accuracy.
glowsprite3_sme7_glowspriteThese are slower but exhibit varying aggression. They often seem to move in a swarm, but individually they are very aerobatic over very wide ranges.
trisun1_sme8_trisunThis is a very aggressive enemy, and will attack almost consistently. It appears to be three ships joined as one entity, leaving three trails.
powerup1_smpowerupsFLY INTO THESE! These power-ups will increase one of five (random) Saucer capabilities by 2X or 3X for 30 seconds: Rate of Fire ("RATE"), Weapon Damage ("POWER"), Flight Speed ("ENGINES"), Shield Regeneration Rate ("ENERGY") and Hit Bonuses ("SCORE").
crystal2_sme9_crystalloidsThese are the massive crystalline asteroids that appear throughout Enemy space. Crystalloids can be useful in combat in combination with certain weapons, but impacts with them will damage your Shields.
  • Each level brings your SCR-090 to a new site of Enemy activity. Clear the area of all Enemies as fast as possible.
  • The timer in the top left of your display begins counting down at the start of each level. If you destroy all Enemies before the time runs out, your collected bonuses are multiplied by a factor of the time remaining. If the time runs out before you clear the level, you lose that level's bonus. The faster you are, the higher your score!
  • Good performance results in a Weapon Upgrade. You may toggle between Weapons by using the Select button.
  • Each Weapon has its own targeting sensor, tuned for optimum effectiveness. Some are long range and narrow beam, some are short range and wide angle. Some, such as beam weapons, have 360-degree targeting, no matter your direction of flight.
  • When you are centered on a target, your AutoFire system will engage. You may also manually trigger Weapons with the Fire button.
  • Enhance one of five (random) Saucer capabilities by 2X or 3X for 30 seconds with pick-ups: Rate of Fire ("RATE"), Weapon Damage ("POWER"), Flight Speed ("ENGINES"), Shield Regeneration Rate ("ENERGY") and Hit Bonuses ("SCORE").
  • Enemies will attack your Saucer by flying directly at you. Contact with Enemies results in immediate Shield damage. Shields slowly regenerate. Sustaining an attack while your Shield Energy is zero will result in immediate systems failure, sending your SCR-090 adrift and ending the game.
  • Enemies get progressively faster and more aggressive with each level. For quick getaways, the SCR-090 has been outfitted with a Boost system that will increase forward thrust by 300% for a sustained five seconds.
  • An enhanced Tactical Display is earned through play, which points to the real-time location and remaining Shield strength of all Enemies, giving you comprehensive, 360-degree situational awareness.